Maynes Grove Lodge
946 US Hwy 65
Hampton, Iowa 50441

To reserve the lodge, click HERE or call: 641-456-4375

Maynes Grove Rental Fee information
1 General Public event: $100.00/day Monday-Thursday, $200/day Friday-Sunday
2 Non-Profit event: $35/day Monday-Thursday, $70.00/day Friday-Sunday

Main Floor

The lodge's main floor measures 1,600 square foot. It has a maximum capacity of 107 people, but the facility is equipped with chairs and tables for 130. A nice day will accommodate for more than the 107 max, with expected in and out traffic.


The lodge kitchen is equipped with an assortment of appliances and wares to compliment most events. It contains a fridge/freezer, an electric oven with smooth top range, and a microware. There are two 18 quart roaster ovens, two 30 cup coffee percolators, and two large cutting boards. The kitchen includes a triple basin sink and a single hand washing sink.


There are men's and women's handicap accessible restroom facilities at the lodge. They are both roomy enough to be used as changing rooms if needed.

Utility Room

The utility room at the lodge is where renters will find the tables and chairs needed for their events. A television equipped with DVD player and VCR is stored there and able to be used by renters. All cleaning supplies, brooms, and mops are also stored in this room for cleaning up after the event.

The Yard

The yard surrounding and west of the lodge generally comes with the lodge rental. South of the lodge sits a fire ring with six benches surrounding it. West of the lodge there is a volleyball court and horseshoe pit. South of the lodge we have an assortment of picnic tables for outdoor activities. Outdoor tent facilities can be erected in the yard surrounding the lodge with permission from the conservation staff.

Grill Shelter

There is a semi-enclosed grill shelter connected by sidewalk to the northeast of the lodge. It encases two large rotating charcoal grills. If the event is catered, there is caterer parking directly south of the grill shelter.

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is now available at Maynes Grove Lodge. It is great feature for meetings. The signal allows for users to gain access over one hundred yards away from the lodge.

Special Events Permit Application